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  1. AlexROU

    Brick Create V1 - Edited Superium

    It looks good but it has only one problem. When you register you will get an avatar that has equipped items on it but on the market nothings shows up, i mean it's just a .png photo and you can't equip items [to see them on your avatar]
  2. AlexROU

    Social Paradise trading system

    Well you can make one yourself. I deleted the trade system from the social paradise that I uploaded, I have the trade system already done.
  3. AlexROU


    Lol, this is my source, thanks for posting it without the credits. -Rep from me.
  4. AlexROU

    Avatar Planet

    You know that I can shut down your website because you are abusing Terms of Service + You didn't gave copyright.
  5. AlexROU

    ok so i got brick hil files

    I have the brick-hill source and database too...I was an moderator on brick hill but I wasn't paying attention to anything so he just made me a regular member,then I got banned....
  6. AlexROU

    PolyMania Revival?

    You can release it or release without db
  7. AlexROU

    [REQ] 3D Sans

  8. AlexROU

    Bloxy Town

    Version 2.5.1


    This is a copy of Brick Planet.. Soon I will upload the original brick planet files.
  9. AlexROU


    Version 9.9.9


    The official worldous files,they are free,a little buggy because it doesn't have all the features. It could be a good start for new people.
  10. AlexROU

    Blox City

    Version 1.1


    I saw a post that requested the blox city files, so I wanted to share them with you. Rate me an you will get more sans files! I have over 18 sources!
  11. AlexROU

    [REQ] Bloxcity

    I am releasing right now the Bloxcity files with the db that is compatible with it.

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