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    The 2012 release of Social Paradise. DB included. Games are not included in this copy, the thumbnail just demonstrates the website's look.
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    Version 1.1


    I saw a post that requested the blox city files, so I wanted to share them with you. Rate me an you will get more sans files! I have over 18 sources!
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    Say hi to the new SANS Community theme! Many people have asked me personally if there was a dark theme coming out and I would always respond with "maybe" or "sometime soon". It's now. Anyways, there might be some issues poking around, so if there are then please let me know by replying to this with a screenshot too so I know where the problem is coming from. I'll continue to make SANS Community as good as it can be, and you should probably join our Discord as well.
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    The issue has been solved. All posts by the person has had their access revoked with an IP ban and we have placed spam filters to avoid this from happening again.
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    Hello members! Yesterday, I performed maintenance on the site, and took down the site for some work. It's now back online, and it's better. First off, we have a dark theme now! Hope you enjoy using it. We will be making additional improvements to the forums, so keep your eyes peeled. Regards, Eqilux
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    Here at SANS Community, we like sharing sources but when the OP source owner has complaints, we respect their copyrights and act. Here is a list of prohibited files which are not allowed on SANS Community, whether it's due to a copyright complaint or just blacklisted for other reasons. Some files are allowed under some conditions, so we will still state them here. Social Universe Running source on host will result in DMCA DMCA Protected source Use this to learn from, not to use in production Social Forums Removed from Downloads due to complaint from OP World2Build More will be added here as we receive complaints.
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    You can switch to the new theme by navigating to the bottom of the page, selecting the theme link and clicking IPS4 Dark. If you encounter any issues, please let me know.
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    Hello, If you are reading this, you are probably the owner of a script that has been published on our website freely available for others to download and develop on. We feature some of the ways that you can takedown scripts from this website, earn money from them and so on. Takedown If you want your script to be took down from this website, you may do so. Please message me, with proof of your authenticity and how you own the files, and the script will be took down ASAP. Monetisation If you would like to keep your script on this website, but earn a bit of money, we do offer options for that. We use Google Adsense to earn money to keep this website up, and we can give earnings to you based on how many times people have downloaded the source via PayPal. Please message me, with proof of your authenticity and how you own the files, and we can discuss prices.
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    I wanna see how well this discord server goes, here it is: https://discord.gg/jnegwtj
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    We have been wondering this for quite some time.
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    Hello all! You can grab a copy of SANS 2.0 easily using this link: https://okfiles.net/file/C6orb Due to popular demand and it's rarity, you will have to complete a survey in order to download the file. Good luck, and have fun!
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    Hey there, if you're reading this you're probably having issues downloading files. There may be a couple of reasons as to why. 1 Post Requirement - You must have at least 1 post created on the website; to prevent leechers. Download Ban - If you meet the 1 post requirement and are still unable to download your desired file, a download ban may have been placed on you. Contact a staff member to resolve this. Excessive Leeching - If the other 2 methods didn't work, you've been put on a permanent download ban for excessive leeching. This means not posting high quality content in order to bypass the 1 post requirement. This will not be lifted. We may also give out temporary download bans and forum restrictions to people who think they're smart enough to use a VPN or a proxy to access our site. We're not even going to log your IP.

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